Roof Cleaning

17277902_sYOUR ROOF CAN BE CLEANED! Legacy Roofing Contractors loves putting on new roofs but you don’t always need a new one. Sometimes there are years left on the life of your roof but all you see is a black ugly roof and you think its time to replace.

 What are the black stains on my roof? The black stains are airborne algae and mold that can be transferred by air or  from birds’ feet or animals that jump from roof to roof. You will typically see the growth begin on the north-facing surface of the  house but it will eventually overtake the entire roof.GAF_Timberline_HD_Charcoal_House

Is the algae or mold bad for my roof?  YES! Your shingles are made with asphalt and in the asphalt is limestone, which is a food source for the algae. The algae colonies begin to grow and settle in and as a result the surface granules are loosened and then rain, wind, hail and extreme temperatures do the rest of the work and completely remove the granules. The granules are your roof’s protection against the suns harmful UV rays. Remove the granules and then the exposed asphalt will shrink, crack and eventually disappear. If you are already at this point you will see a white roof that is just exposed fiberglass matting. If you are seeing fiberglass, it’s too late its time to replace your roof.

It’s not just your roof that’s affected by the algae. Remember, the granules on your roof have two purposes. One is to give the roof color and the other is to block the sun’s UV rays. The more algae, the less reflectivity equaling HIGHER ENERGY BILLS! Typically within 6-12 months the reduced energy bills pay for the cleaning itself. If you’re prone to allergies then the higher mold count around your home will affect you as well.

8220462_s  Will cleaning my roof affect my warranty or damage my roof?   NO! We don’t use high-pressure techniques to clean  the  roof.  Legacy Roofing Contractors uses a biodegradable solution that is applied to the roof surface and is safe for your plants and is pet-friendly.  This is  allowed to set for about an hour and it kills and loosens all the algae colonies. Then we come behind and use a low  pressure-cleaning tool to remove all the algae, mold and solution. The tool has 4 heads that evenly distribute 60 psi per head which is the equivalent of a garden hose. So rest assured your roof will not be damaged, and if you look in the fine print of your warranty  it will  state that roof cleaning is a part of standard maintenance to keep your warranty valid.

How long will my roof stay clean? That depends. Some may stay clean as long as 10 years depending on location and type of roof. We offer a 3-year warranty and if for some reason the mold or algae shows back up in that period we will be out there getting rid of it for free!

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