At Legacy Roofing Contractors you’re not just a customer or a payday, YOU are what’s important to our organization. You see, many roofing contractors view the homeowners as a one time deal. Once your roof repair or roof replacement is completed then the relationship is no longer necessary. We see it all the time. We are constantly doing roof repairs or roof replacements for new customers that we didn’t do the initial roof to begin with. There is a gap between reliable contractors and trusting  homeowners.

4843270_sWe do all that we can to bridge that gap. When your roof needs maintenance, whether it be a cleaning to remove unsightly black algae  or lichen growth,  or to fix a few worn out old pipe boots, or if its time to replace due to storm damage, or your roof stood the test of time but its on its  last leg, we want  you to call us. We invite everyone to become a part of our legacy. We accomplish being awarded your trust through outstanding  customer service and  we feel confident that from start to finish you will feel that you are a part of the Legacy Roofing Contractors Family.

 Legacy Roofing Contractors offers superior roof repairs and roof replacements. We only use the highest quality materials for your roof repair or roof  replacements. We use GAF/ELK brand shingles and roofing accessories. GAF/ELK produces every component of their shingle from the asphalt to  the fiberglass matting all the way down to the different color ceramic granules. This allows GAF to control the quality of every item they offer, while all the other big name roofing manufacturers outsource the materials then put it together to make the final product. One company buying from 10-20 different companies haggling over price can easily lead to a discrepancy in quality control. GAF is the highest rated roofing material manufacturer in customer satisfaction for quality and the fact that they offer the best warranty in the business. That’s why Legacy Roofing Contractors primarily uses GAF/ELK brand shingles and roofing accessories because we want the very best option for your roof repair or roof replacement. Your home is your biggest investment and Legacy Roofing Contractors treats it that way. If its important to you then its important to us.

Legacy Roofing Contractors also follows “Good Roofing Practices” as outlined by the National Roofing Contractors Association. This means that we strictly adhere to building codes and proper installation techniques. Legacy Roofing Contractors installs “ROOFING SYSTEMS”. A roofing system is multiple parts working together to achieve the desired outcome, which is a long lasting durable roof that’s going to protect your home from the elements. A typical system would include ½ inch decking, an appropriate underlayment of felt (tar-paper), high quality shingles, ridge vent or other forms of adequate ventilation, drip edge and gutters. All the different parts work together to properly ventilate a house and to shed water and direct it off and away from the house.18035936_s There are other parts of a roofing system not mentioned that apply to different scenarios but that is the typical system. Sadly there are many contractors that don’t take the time to properly install a new roof, skipping over vital steps that lead to greatly reducing the effectiveness and life of your roof. Your roof repair or roof replacement will be completed properly so we can maximize the life of your roof.

Legacy Roofing Contractors is here for the life of your roof. Some shingles last up to 40-50 years but a common misconception is that your entire roof and its accessories will last as long as the package promises. There are a multitude of maintenance issues that goes into caring for roofs. For starters the most common reason for roof leaks is a faulty pipe flashing that deteriorates over the course of a few years and then the rubber seal that holds out the water cracks and eventually is completely stripped away. There is no life long product that does any better than the next except for lead pipe flashings until squirrels get a hold of it and literally eat it.  There is also algae and mold to be concerned about. Over time the black streaks you see on any Texas roof will eventually overtake the roof  and loosen the granule coating on your shingles. This will cut years from the life of your roof, increase your energy bill since your shingles are no  longer reflecting the sunlight, and to be honest it’s just plain ugly. Any debris laying on the roof needs to be removed as well as it will stop water from being shed from the roof and give the water time to find an entry into the house. Any time there is a storm with high winds or hail a  homeowner should visually inspect their roof for damage. Obviously missing shingles or holes in your shingles are apparent but your flashing needs to be inspected, along with inspecting for broken seals that have trapped debris under them so they cannot re-seal.

We just covered a lot of ground and you can see how it would be hard to make time to do these things or even know that you are looking for the right stuff. That is what were here for. Our roof experts can diagnose any issues you have and correct them promptly. We want to assist you in the maintenance of your roof and maximize the life of your roof all the way until its time to replace your roof.