Does Legacy Roofing Contractors handle insurance claims?  YES! We have been handling insurance claims for years. Don’t go it alone on your claim. Let’s be honest, say a storm rolls through and you notice damage to your roof or a leak pops up. The insurance company is not dying to buy your claim. The moment the adjuster shows up it’s about damage control and mitigating the loss. They know that the average homeowner knows nothing about roofing so this ends one of two ways. Either they flat out deny your claim or they buy the claim but could potentially underpay your claim. This is where Legacy Roofing Contractors comes in. We do all the work for you and accompany you from the very beginning even to the initial call to the insurance company. They will send out an adjuster to the property to do an inspection and Legacy Roofing Contractors will be up on the roof right there with them. Our representatives will show the adjuster all the damage and ensure that nothing is looked over and that you are awarded everything that you are entitled to for your roof repair or roof replacement. We work on your behalf and we know that your home is important to you so it’s just as important to us!GAF_Timberline_Ultra_HD_Hunter_Green_House

 How do I figure out if I need a new roof?  The easiest indicators will be age, and of course, missing shingles and leaks. If your roof is 5 years old and you see missing shingles then most likely you’ll only need roof repairs. On the other hand if its over 15 years old then what happens is the shingles become brittle and it doesn't matter how careful you are you will tear the surrounding shingles just trying to replace one. If you notice white material on the edges of your shingles or on the surface that’s exposed fiberglass. That means two layers of your shingles are already missing so more than likely its time to replace. The best thing to do is contact Legacy Roofing Contractors to schedule a completely free roof inspection to see if a new roof is in your best interest or if roof repairs are still a viable option.

Legacy Roofing Contractors prefers to use GAF brand but what if I want a different brand?  Not a problem. We have access to any manufacturerr and are familiar with all the different brands. Legacy Roofing Contractors prefers GAF simply because we notice a difference in quality from the moment we open the package to a few years down the road after the roof repair or roof replacement has been completed.

The color options for shingles seem to be limited?  The shingle manufacturers designate a certain set of colors depending on region. You may look online and see many different colors and styles but they are not available here in Texas. If there is a specific color you prefer for your new roof just let us know and we will get it. We use national supply companies that have branches throughout the nation and we can get the shingles shipped down here for no extra chargeTimberline_HD_Biscayne_Blue

 Does Legacy Roofing Contractors offer a warranty?  Yes. We offer a 5-year labor warranty on any new roof or roof repair and a 3-year warranty on any  roof cleaning. We are a homegrown company invested in and based out of Houston. Our warranty won’t leave town when the weather clears up. If  anything goes wrong within that time frame we will fix it promptly at no cost to you. (Does not include storm damage related events.)

 What areas does Legacy Roofing Contractors Service?  We service Houston and all surrounding areas including Katy, Bellaire, Sugarland, Friendswood, Clear Lake, Kingwood, Tomball, Stafford, The Woodlands, Spring, Greenspoint and Pasadena.

Is Legacy Roofing Contractors insured?  Yes. We carry 1 million in coverage including an open roof clause that just in case a freak storm rolls in during a roof repair or roof replacement the damages will be  covered. We also have a separate clause for uninsured subcontractors so if we have a crew working on your home and for some reason their insurance lapsed then you would still fall under our coverage. So rest assured we have your best interests at heart.

How much does a new roof cost?  This depends on a lot of factors including type of material you want to use, size of the roof, and how steep it is. Contact Legacy Roofing Contractors for a free estimate for your new roof or roof repair.

What if my insurance claim is denied? Sadly not every insurance company cares about their customers. As a result some claims are denied unjustifiably. At Legacy Roofing Contractors we will nTimberline HD Hickory Housot advise you to file a claim for your roof repair or roof replacement unless we know that it deserves to be bought. So in the event of a denial if you decide to leave it at that then we shake hands and part ways and you don’t owe us a dime. Or we fight it. We have public adjusters on staff that will document all damages and create a case to file with the insurance company for an unjust denial. We have a 95% success rate with insurance claim recovery. As stated before WE WILL NOT TELL YOU TO FILE A CLAIM unless we believe your roof or property had enough damage to be covered.

How long will my roof take to be completed?   We strive to be able to complete a job in 1-2 days. Depending on the size of your roof and how steep it is and also what type of roofing system we’ll be installing will determine the length of a job. Legacy Roofing Contractors does try to do things efficiently but we are also not trying do a rush job. We do it right the first time.